Trexo Robotics Plus in Australia

Centre of Movement is the only accredited user of Trexo Robotics Plus in Australia. We utilize the Trexo Plus Gait Training System to help children with disabilities walk.

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Ignite Your Child's Potential

As an authorized user of Trexo Robotics Plus system, Centre of Movement proudly employs this groundbreaking assistive technology to facilitate the monumental journey of children with physical disabilities as they embark upon their initial strides.

The Trexo Plus robotic assistive device, ingeniously crafted to elevate and enable ambulation, children facing mobility challenges can now experience the transformative therapy offered at Centre of Movement, Gold Coast. Irrespective of your child's unique abilities, Trexo empowers them to walk with confidence.

Trexo is designed to assist children with a range of conditions, including but not limited to:

Designed to help children reach their potential

Trexo Plus revolutionizes mobility for children with cerebral palsy and disabilities, offering wearable robotic legs that attach to a Rifton walker. With a safe and mobile design, it enables independent over-ground walking and encourages a natural heel-to-toe gait pattern. Early research shows promising improvements in functional activities and gait patterns when combined with therapy.

Mobility for Disabled Children

Trexo significantly improves mobility and fosters greater independence. With its innovative technology and tailored support, Trexo Plus empowers children to overcome mobility challenges and embrace a more active and independent lifestyle.

Quality of Life Enhancement

Trexo is committed to empowering children to overcome limitations, embrace independence, and rediscover the joy of everyday moments. Together, let's unlock their boundless potential and embark on a transformative journey.

Expanded Activity Participation

By enhancing mobility and providing support, Trexo opens doors to new experiences, enabling children to engage in a wide range of activities they may not have been able to before.

Unmatched Comfort

Our wearable robotic device embraces ergonomic principles, providing a snug fit and optimal weight distribution. With adjustable settings and customizable features, we tailor the device to meet your child's unique needs, enhancing their overall comfort during therapy and walking sessions.

Explore with Freedom

Break free from confined spaces as you step into a world of overground mobility and boundless exploration. You child can confidently navigate and explore thier environments, embracing the freedom to walk and discover new horizons.

Data-Driven Guidance

With data as our compass, we ensure that every session is purposeful, effective, and tailored to your child's unique needs, maximizing their potential for growth and success.

Trexo: A Game Changer

Walking is a game changer for children with physical disabilities, 

Trexo Plus combines intensive therapy with cutting-edge wearable robotics, gently guiding your child’s legs in a custom gait pattern to facilitate walking. Regardless of your child’s abilities, Trexo opens new doors to mobility and independence.

About Us

As an authorized user of the Trexo Plus, Centre of Movement is dedicated to unlocking a child’s world through the power of movement.

Movement serves as the language of brain development, offering essential information and creating the optimal environment for thriving. Our commitment extends to the Gold Coast community in Australia, ensuring access to cutting-edge modalities and equipment that embody the gold standard in accelerated learning.

With a clear purpose, we strive to provide the ideal conditions for every child to embark on a remarkable journey, enabling them to achieve their fullest potential and surpass all expectations.

Empower disabled children in Australia with innovative robotics solutions for enhanced mobility and independence.
As the only authorized Australian user for the Trexo Robotics Plus Gait Training System, we enable children with disabilities to experience the joy of walking and unlock their full potential.

I am blessed to have such a great team that are always giving 110% of their care and passion to each person that walks through our doors.

Emily Pennisi

Director & CEO

More than just a step

As an authorized licensee of Trexo Plus, Centre of Movement is dedicated to providing families with access to this groundbreaking technology, helping children embrace the joy of walking and discovering their limitless capabilities.


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